We’re all MAD here…

I see a red door and I want to paint it black…

‘Why can’t you just be like everyone else-‘ that’s the point of a sentence when I stop listening. If someone wants you to be better, comparing you to another person is the wrong step. ┬áTo better yourself, you should always be more honest with who? You. Don’t try to be the person you’re not, I would know.


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The biggest lie in the universe is: I’m fine. We all know it’s a lie too, but that doesn’t stop us from accepting that response as an answer. If you use this, so often you know it burns a little inside when you say this. You try to keep your face the same, but it leaks out. All the darkness and pain that’s inside comes out onto your face, and along with your complexion, you grow darker and darker. The next person that you meet, will see this vibrant happy-go-lucky creature. Always smiling, never growing sad whenever you see them. That’s just one side of the story…



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By themselves, without company, they are extremely darkened. They don’t smile, and the anger they have surrounds them like fog. They will pass through their entire day like this, as if they had never felt joy and never wish to experience it. We are really scary during those points in our lives. We could be in this fog for weeks, even months.


Always try to talk to the people who are in this fog. This could help bring them out of it, let them talk. Let them know that you are there for them, because they are so used to being there for so many other people. So when someone tells you to be: average, normal, mediocre. Just reply with this simple sentence.



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We’re all mad here my friend.