The Hunt


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Wherever you go, however fast you run, the wolf will find you…

Silence breaks as a young military man crashes through a bush. Behind him there are shrieks of fear and terror erupt, and he strengthens his pace running faster than anything in his life has prepared him for. He breaks the border of trees running into the open plain, other of his colleagues fled from all other directions. Catching a quick glance behind him, he catches a glimpse of two large golden eyes staring  back into him.



“You are the spineless lowest milk-drinkers I have ever seen! You run from battle like a goat from slaughter! We were sent in there to capture that beast and all of you run away like little girls.” The commander hounded at them,”Now I have to go back to the emperor and tell HIM what happened, and he will be even angrier than I am. So here’s the plan, we will draw the creature out using this bait and these nets. If squadron three can drop this onto it, the creature shall be ours. NOW GET GOING!!”


Night falls and shadows creep from under the shrubs and trees. Each of the remaining soldiers nervous in the plan as they hold their breath waiting in anticipation. Suddenly, a large black figure passes through, fading in and out of the shadows. It sniffs the bait, pondering the catch. “Three…two…one…” the net falls fast and silently. The creature looks up and sees the falling object, and attempts to run. The net collapses upon the creature and the roar of anger fills the air. The animal struggles to stand, lifting the extra weights of the net. “Fire the arrows!” the commander shouts. The air is cut with the zips of arrows as the arrows plunge into the flesh. The beast gives a final roar and falls with a crunch onto the forest floor. A roar of triumph erupts from the army, and the commander steps toward the net and peers and the beast with a large grin. The grin stops when he hears the deep growl of the hunted animal. The commander scoffs and spits onto the net, and he turns away with confidence in his stride. The golden eyes behind him blinks slowly and closes.


Claws Come Out- The Wolf Returns

The Time has come…


Orange light shines over the horizon, shadows leap behind trees and into bushes. The forest is filled with silence, it is fall. Even though the season leaves the trees bare, the forest feels eerie. Suddenly a figure rushes through the bushes. A man, clad in tan clothing, rushes through the forest trampling over bushes and twigs. Behind him three shadows follow him. These shadows break apart, splitting up to flank the man. Stumbling over his cloak, the man tripped. The shadows circle him, as he scrambles away from them, kicking dirt, throwing stones at the wolves trying to scare them away. The larger one sneaks onto a mound of rocks, the man turns around. The Wolf pounces.