Lady World!!

It’s another beautiful day here in Lady World. That’s right, it’ll never rain here- unless you want it to…

Lady World is the fifth EP from one of my favorite bands: Tupper Ware Remix Party. The EP includes seven of the funkiest songs I have ever heard. If you like Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk or 24k Magic, then you should probably check this album out on bandcamp.

The setlist of the songs are:

  1. Overture
  2. Lady World
  3. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Her
  4. Atomic Karate
  5. Body Image
  7. Built 4 Love (Feat. Ninja Sex Party)

Personally, I was ecstatic for this album, once I heard the Overture in their teaser trailer. The entire album has an incredible Japanese-like 80’s vibe similar to Styx’s Mr. Roboto.


This intro feels different to me, as it feels like I am starting up a movie or some kind of film and this is rolling with the title screen. The music is very plain, relying mostly on a back beat of drums and slap bass.

Lady World

The second song of the album named after it, sounds exactly like the intro cinematic of a TV, where the actors’ names are going down the screen. It is perfectly described as the lyrics state, “Sometime in the 80’s… and the future.” It just makes you feel really good about going to Lady World, and if there was some place for you like that, whether its at home or out and about with your favorite tunes. 

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Her


The third song, has the same theme of Pale Blue Dot off of the Believe In Your Dreams EP. Basically treat the Earth (Mother Nature) with decency as “she is like a mother to you”, and that you gotta have some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. This song has a run-along theme, and it reminds me of YMCA.

Atomic Karate

Featuring Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson, this fourth song can possibly be the most 80’s style Japanese song. It has a theme of a superhero who is the master of Atomic Karate, and is incredibly good with the ladies. This song has a very synth-led melody accompanied with Dr. Sung’s vocals.

Body Image

The fifth song, was uploaded on YouTube the day the EP released, and it is amazing. This song is a serenade if it was written by Bruno Mars, if he made music in the 80’s. There is so much funk and the bass line that accompanies to song makes it so much better. This is definitely one song that should not be overlooked on this EP.


This sixth song has no lyrics to it. It feels like TWRP had an awesomesauce jam session and this came out. It is mainly lead by synth, and lead guitar. It is a great transition to the last song, to change up the mood of the listener dramatically.

Built 4 Love (Feat. Ninja Sex Party)

The final song, has TWRP’s good friends Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian join in on this song. The feel of the song reminds me of No Pants Dance, because of the meaning and the vocal track of this song. It keeps you moving, and makes you just want to get up and dance. If you want to convince the girl you like to dance with you, this is the song you want.


To put simply, this may be my personal favorite album by TWRP. I love the vibe of this entire album, and I am a die hard fan of this Canadian band. Rock On!!



Are you tired of giving Lilly?
Are you really happy?

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A problem we all encounter is happiness. I asked fellow peers of mine “What is the most prominent emotion?” Anger or Sadness, were the two most common answers. This made me seriously consider life in the crazy, strange thing it is.


Drawn by: Wolfe


It’s All In My Head But…

Racing shadows in the moonlight
Through the desert on a hot night
And for a second there we’d won
Yeah, we were innocent and young

Clawing, biting, and fighting through the darkness is what it feels like when you are fighting a losing battle. What battle am I talking about? The ones where we must fight ourselves. The eventual collapse of our self esteem. This is when the battle of our imagination takes over. What is happening? What is false and what is the truth. Feels like you’re looking at a mirror, and your reflection punches you in the face.



Latest Bassist

Latest Bassist


Last christmas I received a very special gift. It was a red bass with an amp. I used to play the violin, but quit because I hated my teacher and didn’t want to give high school a chance. This gift put me back into practicing some kind of music and no, I don’t know how to play the piano =__=. I quickly learned the four major strings (EADG), and started to pick and try the notes. The first day was interesting. I plugged my bass into the amp for the first time. It was very loud, much louder than 5 violins combined, which was absolutely fantastic. The first song (well part of it) was Maneater, by Hall & Oates. That was the beginning of January. Since February, I know how to play (entirely) Seven Nation Army, When You Were Young, and Rude. I really want to learn a lot of classic songs, so currently I am working on Maneater, and Don’t Stop Believin’. Some songs I want to learn is Seperate Ways and a heavy metal song.



Halling the Oates

  As a younger person, there is so much content available it may be hard to choose what we like. Listening to the radio, yes I still do it’s not obsolete yet. My favorite, whom I am listening to, is the duo,

Daryl Hall and John Oates.

 Private Eyes

Hall & Oates (as they are more formally known as), were signed in the 1970’s. Together they have sold the most albums of any music duo in the history of music.


Musical Vibes

As we all know, there are many different types of music. To that there are various bands, and thousands of songs. To these many, songs there are thousands of categories to which they fall to: Pop, Rock, Rap, Jazz, and so on and so forth. So my very thought of question is:

Out of all the various kinds of music, Why do we have a preference about what kind of music ‘sucks’ or is ‘lame’?
Mass Music Genre Wordle