The Future

Doctor Who intro Scene, BBC/Radio Times

Life is strange… to say the least. Growing up as, technically, a millennial really changes your outlook on life. For someone of my age, typically would be into pop & rap music that has been getting really big since early 2005.  I am really into 80’s music and bands that have super funky bass lines like Tupperware Remix Party. All of this really piles on to one major problem of mine. The future.



Uncertainly Certain that I am uncertain…


I tell her, “I dream about where I’m going.”

She always laughs at that. “But you’re not going anywhere, you’re just wandering about.”

The question we always want answered… “Where are we going?” The answer is probably something boring, like the supermarket or the doctor’s office. That’s probably one of the most asked question in teenage years: Where are you going for college? My answer is:

I dont know