The Game Grumps

Hey, I’m Grump!
I’m not so Grump!
Aaand we’re the Game Grumps!

Through out our lives we look up to someone. Usually we start with the people we see the most often, family members or teachers.  Now with media we are exposed to many different kinds of people with completely different ideals. My personal idols are The Game Grumps: Arin Hanson and Leigh Dan Avidan.



This is Me

On this day April 30th, 1975, Saigon fell and Ho Chi Minh’s Viet Minh successfully units Vietnam under Communist rule.

This is the story of my mom’s family’s escape.

My grandfather Joseph, worked for the American government while they were still in Vietnam. He made good money, and he was a hard working man. At this time my two uncles and mom were the only kids at that time. My family is Catholic, and my grandfather and grandmother were very religious. They had a statue of Mother Mary, which they kept all their life.


Map of Vietnam, World Atlas


The Grapes of Deception?

Featured Image: Betrayal, Copyrighted by Blizzard
This post is in response to this article by Keith Windschuttle

The Grapes of Wrath a book with one of the strangest endings…ever. That’s not what I want to talk about. Keith Windschuttle had written an article, criticizing the lack of correct information. Using multiple sources from government statistics during the time, Windschuttle goes  on to speak about the false stats used in the book. Yes, the book would be terrible if it was a history book and used to educate the newer generation. But I don’t think that Steinbeck wanted it to be a history book.


Operation: Overdrive

And in the darkness shining far beyond the starlight
Lightning is striking from the dark dawning shadows


It’s that time of the school year. AP exams are right around the corner and everyone is losing their marbles. I personally am not taking any AP tests, even though I am a junior and probably should. The stress level for me personally has not spiked unlike my fellow peers. I honestly hate the idea that getting into college depends heavily on taking these advanced classes and hoping to do so well. Don’t get me wrong its a great way to prepare yourself for when the time comes and you need to pull an all-nighter. The goal of school shouldn’t be to study the night before and hope to recall everything the next day, but to learn things that will last a lifetime.


Money, Dinero, Tiền

What problems can money create?

Everyone needs something, whether it is a living necessity or not depends on the person. Money, as a physical product can cause many different problems. Social, political, personal, all of these can be affected by money. Almost every single modern civilized creation depends on money. Whether it is electricity to even water, you still going to have to pay.



Grapes of Wrath, Annotated by Wolfe


Galio, the Sentinel Sorrow

(Skin shown is ‘Gatekeeper Galio’)

A long time ago, man named Durand created various sentinel’s to guard villages from the ruthless Noxus attacks. But for himself, he had a personal sentinel named Galio. After Durand passed, Galio had no purpose until a young yordle passed by his master’s abode. The yordle was headed towards the city of Demacia, and Galio followed her finding a purpose in his being once more.