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My name is Yasir and I’m freaking out. Today, at FVHS, MY school, OUR school. A student was told to die because they were gay. Students are telling each other to prepare for deportation. Foun…

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The Most Devastating Phenomenon

I agree with this post, and I hate what Donald Trump thinks is the right option. Tagging Muslims is absolutely wrong.

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The summer before my freshman year, I took a tour around Western Europe, and in this tour, I visited Paris. I remember I visited the Eiffel Tower and thought Wow, this is really overrated.

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Chapter 6: Seperate Ways

Chapter 6: The Eternal Federation


        Steel crashes against each other, as figures rush towards the howl. ‘Just another wolf pack coming to scavenge’. Thats what they all thought. They were very wrong. Rushing into the cobblestone square, they gasped at what they saw. A wave of wolves glared directly at the soldiers. The wolves lunged at the soldiers, biting and tearing into them. Shaking them off, the soldiers ran, a unified howl was heard from the wolves. Panic ran with the soldiers, ushering them on, back towards the torches of the city.





Sorry that I have been a bit afk recently, I have been doing many important things (not watching Youtube or enjoying my time off for finals…). This is just a little preparation blog for the upcoming continuous blog posts that will be coming up soon. Soon I will be back doing my weekly blog posts, and continuing the story! What I’m also working on is the script for a little video I am working on with a few of my friends!! It’s about what single nerdy guys do on Valentine’s Day/prepare for on Valentine’s Day. I hope that the video works out well and that whoever sees it enjoys it!!

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How to: Living life


How to live your life, written by Nobody

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         Hallo, as far as I care, you are reading this and going, ” Gee whiz, I can go for some Cheese whiz right now.” Unlike in most philosophical and moral sense and behavior, there is no guide to living, there isn’t a book called “How to Live” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I believe it would go something along the line of “GET TO THE CHOPPER!” In life, people believe that they are starting on a place to somewhere, but the fact is everyone is going some place at a different speed than others. Some people are destined to have a career in the movie business, and others do not.