The Future

Doctor Who intro Scene, BBC/Radio Times

Life is strange… to say the least. Growing up as, technically, a millennial really changes your outlook on life. For someone of my age, typically would be into pop & rap music that has been getting really big since early 2005.  I am really into 80’s music and bands that have super funky bass lines like Tupperware Remix Party. All of this really piles on to one major problem of mine. The future.



Improvising Not Improving!

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Go to FV Improv Shows!


Have you ever had trouble speaking in front of a crowd? Or thinking on the spot, or even being funny? Well that’s improv! Improv is simply explained as “acting without a script”. If you have seen the show Whose Line Is It Anyways?, then you have an idea of what I’m talking about.  In the shows, the actors perform games which usually involve suggestions from the audience. As a member of my school’s Improv club, I would know about Improv.