Focus: Hello, My Old Heart


Dating and relationships seem to be a focus on our current generation and I would just like to share my opinions of dating and how I view the world of this concept.



In my opinion, dating isn’t super important, it’s not enough to constantly focus on because there are so many other things that are going on. Although I do agree, I would like to be in a relationship right now, or at least have an option to go out with someone. Asking someone out is hard though, it’s probably because we are hard on ourselves as the individuals, and fear the rejection.

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If you think being in a relationship is a walk in the park, I’ve got news for you- it’s not. Being in a relationship is so distracting and it takes up a lot more effort and work compared to what Hollywood creates in the movies. A relationship works when there is clear, direct communication. Love comes naturally through that, because you may love someone really much but, if you cannot communicate that clearly to them, what is the point?


I believe that it is openly okay to go on dates with several people, if you have not made it official that you and another are together. I believe that, it is completely safe and valid (unless you have crazy ex’s in which good luck to you). For me personally, there is a girl I’m hoping to go out with. She’s probably not interested in me though, but you know how the saying goes:

You miss all the shots you don’t take.

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The Future

Doctor Who intro Scene, BBC/Radio Times

Life is strange… to say the least. Growing up as, technically, a millennial really changes your outlook on life. For someone of my age, typically would be into pop & rap music that has been getting really big since early 2005.  I am really into 80’s music and bands that have super funky bass lines like Tupperware Remix Party. All of this really piles on to one major problem of mine. The future.


We’re all MAD here…

I see a red door and I want to paint it black…

‘Why can’t you just be like everyone else-‘ that’s the point of a sentence when I stop listening. If someone wants you to be better, comparing you to another person is the wrong step.  To better yourself, you should always be more honest with who? You. Don’t try to be the person you’re not, I would know.


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The biggest lie in the universe is: I’m fine. We all know it’s a lie too, but that doesn’t stop us from accepting that response as an answer. If you use this, so often you know it burns a little inside when you say this. You try to keep your face the same, but it leaks out. All the darkness and pain that’s inside comes out onto your face, and along with your complexion, you grow darker and darker. The next person that you meet, will see this vibrant happy-go-lucky creature. Always smiling, never growing sad whenever you see them. That’s just one side of the story…



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By themselves, without company, they are extremely darkened. They don’t smile, and the anger they have surrounds them like fog. They will pass through their entire day like this, as if they had never felt joy and never wish to experience it. We are really scary during those points in our lives. We could be in this fog for weeks, even months.


Always try to talk to the people who are in this fog. This could help bring them out of it, let them talk. Let them know that you are there for them, because they are so used to being there for so many other people. So when someone tells you to be: average, normal, mediocre. Just reply with this simple sentence.



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We’re all mad here my friend.

This is Me

On this day April 30th, 1975, Saigon fell and Ho Chi Minh’s Viet Minh successfully units Vietnam under Communist rule.

This is the story of my mom’s family’s escape.

My grandfather Joseph, worked for the American government while they were still in Vietnam. He made good money, and he was a hard working man. At this time my two uncles and mom were the only kids at that time. My family is Catholic, and my grandfather and grandmother were very religious. They had a statue of Mother Mary, which they kept all their life.


Map of Vietnam, World Atlas


Operation: Overdrive

And in the darkness shining far beyond the starlight
Lightning is striking from the dark dawning shadows


It’s that time of the school year. AP exams are right around the corner and everyone is losing their marbles. I personally am not taking any AP tests, even though I am a junior and probably should. The stress level for me personally has not spiked unlike my fellow peers. I honestly hate the idea that getting into college depends heavily on taking these advanced classes and hoping to do so well. Don’t get me wrong its a great way to prepare yourself for when the time comes and you need to pull an all-nighter. The goal of school shouldn’t be to study the night before and hope to recall everything the next day, but to learn things that will last a lifetime.


Money, Dinero, Tiền

What problems can money create?

Everyone needs something, whether it is a living necessity or not depends on the person. Money, as a physical product can cause many different problems. Social, political, personal, all of these can be affected by money. Almost every single modern civilized creation depends on money. Whether it is electricity to even water, you still going to have to pay.



Grapes of Wrath, Annotated by Wolfe