Champion Spotlight

Ryze or Die

Ryze, the Rune Mage (Copyrighted by Riot Games)

League of Legends’ favorite blue mage is getting another rework… thanks Scarizard.


So let’s compare the changes, and then you can hear my opinion about it.

(The icons for new and old Ryze are a little different so I will not be including them for the sake of clarity.The names, excluding the new ultimate, are the same.)



Galio, the Sentinel Sorrow

(Skin shown is ‘Gatekeeper Galio’)

A long time ago, man named Durand created various sentinel’s to guard villages from the ruthless Noxus attacks. But for himself, he had a personal sentinel named Galio. After Durand passed, Galio had no purpose until a young yordle passed by his master’s abode. The yordle was headed towards the city of Demacia, and Galio followed her finding a purpose in his being once more.


Darius, The Hand of Noxus

“Get Dunked!!”

Lore: The Hand of Noxus

Orphaned at a young age, Darius had to fight to keep him and his younger brother, Draaaaven, alive. Soon Darius joined the Noxian army to fight in the war against Demacia. One critical battle against Demacia, the Noxian commanded the troops to retreat. Darius not compelled to this act of cowardice, chops the commander’s head off with one sweep of his axe. The troops then follow Darius back into battle, which they eventually win.  After this victory, Darius with the help from Draven and Master Tactician Swain push to unite the broken Noxian continent.


Zac, The Secret Weapon

ZAC (Zaun Amorphous Combatant)


Zac was created in Zaun as a super soldier to use in war. A warrior that was the combination of brute strength and flexibility. The two scientists, which happened to be a couple, were in charge of the creation of him. They created an organic structure (Zac) which showed incredible flexibility, can change its form, and resistance to pressure. One day, when placing the blob into its cell, it showed sadness and emotion. The conscious of the two scientists made them realize that this was more of a child and wanted to be free out of the lab, and live a life of freedom. So the couple ran away with Zac to the outskirts of the city and raised him proper. Him having the capabilities and the traits that he did, his parents raised him with love and affection, right from wrong. Finally the government, tracked Zac and his parents down. Threatening his family, Zac unleashed all of his subdued power to force back the officials and to save his family. From that point on he was a hero to the common people of Zaun.