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I like to think about things clearly and I will post what is on my mind. Somethings maybe be personal and/or very sad.

Hope is…

Focus: Keep Singing

A thing with feathers.

A strategy.

A spirit that never dies.



About a year ago, I tried the 100  Days of Happiness challenge. Where you would post everyday about what made your day. It was honest one of the hardest things to do, not because I wasn’t happy with where my life was, but more that I am a forgetful person. One of my friends asked me why I did the challenge. I wasn’t in a rough spot in my life, or trying to look at the optimistic part of life.  So why do it?




Focus: Hello, My Old Heart


Dating and relationships seem to be a focus on our current generation and I would just like to share my opinions of dating and how I view the world of this concept.



In my opinion, dating isn’t super important, it’s not enough to constantly focus on because there are so many other things that are going on. Although I do agree, I would like to be in a relationship right now, or at least have an option to go out with someone. Asking someone out is hard though, it’s probably because we are hard on ourselves as the individuals, and fear the rejection.

giphy (2)


If you think being in a relationship is a walk in the park, I’ve got news for you- it’s not. Being in a relationship is so distracting and it takes up a lot more effort and work compared to what Hollywood creates in the movies. A relationship works when there is clear, direct communication. Love comes naturally through that, because you may love someone really much but, if you cannot communicate that clearly to them, what is the point?


I believe that it is openly okay to go on dates with several people, if you have not made it official that you and another are together. I believe that, it is completely safe and valid (unless you have crazy ex’s in which good luck to you). For me personally, there is a girl I’m hoping to go out with. She’s probably not interested in me though, but you know how the saying goes:

You miss all the shots you don’t take.

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Lady World!!

It’s another beautiful day here in Lady World. That’s right, it’ll never rain here- unless you want it to…

Lady World is the fifth EP from one of my favorite bands: Tupper Ware Remix Party. The EP includes seven of the funkiest songs I have ever heard. If you like Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk or 24k Magic, then you should probably check this album out on bandcamp.

The setlist of the songs are:

  1. Overture
  2. Lady World
  3. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Her
  4. Atomic Karate
  5. Body Image
  7. Built 4 Love (Feat. Ninja Sex Party)

Personally, I was ecstatic for this album, once I heard the Overture in their teaser trailer. The entire album has an incredible Japanese-like 80’s vibe similar to Styx’s Mr. Roboto.


This intro feels different to me, as it feels like I am starting up a movie or some kind of film and this is rolling with the title screen. The music is very plain, relying mostly on a back beat of drums and slap bass.

Lady World

The second song of the album named after it, sounds exactly like the intro cinematic of a TV, where the actors’ names are going down the screen. It is perfectly described as the lyrics state, “Sometime in the 80’s… and the future.” It just makes you feel really good about going to Lady World, and if there was some place for you like that, whether its at home or out and about with your favorite tunes. 

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Her


The third song, has the same theme of Pale Blue Dot off of the Believe In Your Dreams EP. Basically treat the Earth (Mother Nature) with decency as “she is like a mother to you”, and that you gotta have some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. This song has a run-along theme, and it reminds me of YMCA.

Atomic Karate

Featuring Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson, this fourth song can possibly be the most 80’s style Japanese song. It has a theme of a superhero who is the master of Atomic Karate, and is incredibly good with the ladies. This song has a very synth-led melody accompanied with Dr. Sung’s vocals.

Body Image

The fifth song, was uploaded on YouTube the day the EP released, and it is amazing. This song is a serenade if it was written by Bruno Mars, if he made music in the 80’s. There is so much funk and the bass line that accompanies to song makes it so much better. This is definitely one song that should not be overlooked on this EP.


This sixth song has no lyrics to it. It feels like TWRP had an awesomesauce jam session and this came out. It is mainly lead by synth, and lead guitar. It is a great transition to the last song, to change up the mood of the listener dramatically.

Built 4 Love (Feat. Ninja Sex Party)

The final song, has TWRP’s good friends Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian join in on this song. The feel of the song reminds me of No Pants Dance, because of the meaning and the vocal track of this song. It keeps you moving, and makes you just want to get up and dance. If you want to convince the girl you like to dance with you, this is the song you want.


To put simply, this may be my personal favorite album by TWRP. I love the vibe of this entire album, and I am a die hard fan of this Canadian band. Rock On!!

The Future

Doctor Who intro Scene, BBC/Radio Times

Life is strange… to say the least. Growing up as, technically, a millennial really changes your outlook on life. For someone of my age, typically would be into pop & rap music that has been getting really big since early 2005.  I am really into 80’s music and bands that have super funky bass lines like Tupperware Remix Party. All of this really piles on to one major problem of mine. The future.


The Hunt


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Wherever you go, however fast you run, the wolf will find you…

Silence breaks as a young military man crashes through a bush. Behind him there are shrieks of fear and terror erupt, and he strengthens his pace running faster than anything in his life has prepared him for. He breaks the border of trees running into the open plain, other of his colleagues fled from all other directions. Catching a quick glance behind him, he catches a glimpse of two large golden eyes staring  back into him.



“You are the spineless lowest milk-drinkers I have ever seen! You run from battle like a goat from slaughter! We were sent in there to capture that beast and all of you run away like little girls.” The commander hounded at them,”Now I have to go back to the emperor and tell HIM what happened, and he will be even angrier than I am. So here’s the plan, we will draw the creature out using this bait and these nets. If squadron three can drop this onto it, the creature shall be ours. NOW GET GOING!!”


Night falls and shadows creep from under the shrubs and trees. Each of the remaining soldiers nervous in the plan as they hold their breath waiting in anticipation. Suddenly, a large black figure passes through, fading in and out of the shadows. It sniffs the bait, pondering the catch. “Three…two…one…” the net falls fast and silently. The creature looks up and sees the falling object, and attempts to run. The net collapses upon the creature and the roar of anger fills the air. The animal struggles to stand, lifting the extra weights of the net. “Fire the arrows!” the commander shouts. The air is cut with the zips of arrows as the arrows plunge into the flesh. The beast gives a final roar and falls with a crunch onto the forest floor. A roar of triumph erupts from the army, and the commander steps toward the net and peers and the beast with a large grin. The grin stops when he hears the deep growl of the hunted animal. The commander scoffs and spits onto the net, and he turns away with confidence in his stride. The golden eyes behind him blinks slowly and closes.

Ryze or Die

Ryze, the Rune Mage (Copyrighted by Riot Games)

League of Legends’ favorite blue mage is getting another rework… thanks Scarizard.


So let’s compare the changes, and then you can hear my opinion about it.

(The icons for new and old Ryze are a little different so I will not be including them for the sake of clarity.The names, excluding the new ultimate, are the same.)