The Future

Doctor Who intro Scene, BBC/Radio Times

Life is strange… to say the least. Growing up as, technically, a millennial really changes your outlook on life. For someone of my age, typically would be into pop & rap music that has been getting really big since early 2005.  I am really into 80’s music and bands that have super funky bass lines like Tupperware Remix Party. All of this really piles on to one major problem of mine. The future.



Copyrighted: Disney/Tim Burton

I’m a senior in high school, and the pressure of college has arrived from my parents. This is where the rant begins, so growing up my family always pressured me to get good grades and all of that annoying crap. Get a job, have a family, retire, and die. That’s super depressing am I right? Alas, that’s definitely not how I wanna go out of the world. This is where it goes from old school vs new school.

My parents (old school) want me to work really hard to achieve success. I (new school) want to work doing something I love, something that is my passion. I grew up a dreamer, and music really inspired me to that The Joker (Steve Miller Band) to The Rainbow Connection(The Muppets).


My advice to all the young people in the world is:

Believe in Your Dreams


Copyright: TWRP/Lazerhorse


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