Ryze or Die

Ryze, the Rune Mage (Copyrighted by Riot Games)

League of Legends’ favorite blue mage is getting another rework… thanks Scarizard.


So let’s compare the changes, and then you can hear my opinion about it.

(The icons for new and old Ryze are a little different so I will not be including them for the sake of clarity.The names, excluding the new ultimate, are the same.)

Passive: Arcane Mastery

  • Old:When Ryze casts a spell he gains one stack of Mastery. At 5 stacks he is supercharged for: next 5 abilities/next 2.5-5 seconds. He gains a shield based off maximum mana, and casting his spells shortens the cooldowns for his other spells. All offensive attacks have damage based off percentage of Ryze’s maximum mana.

  • New: Ryze’s spells deal additional damage based off maximum mana. His maximum mana is also increased by a percentage of his AP.

Q: Overload

  • Old, Passive: Arcane Mastery’s duration is increased.

  • Old, Active: Ryze throws a line of energy, dealing damage to the first target hit.

  • New, Passive: Casting Ryze’s other spells resets the cooldown of Overload and stacks a Rune. Casting another spell (not Overload) within this window to fully charge the Rune. Casting Overload will cancel the charge.

  • New, Active: Ryze throws a line of energy, dealing damage to the first target hit. If the Rune is fully charged, two stacks, then he gains a shield and short speed boost.

W:Rune Prison

  • Old: Ryze snares/roots a target.

  • New: Ryze snares/roots a target.

E: Spell Flux

  • Old: Ryze throws a ball of energy at a target. Upon hitting the target it deals damage, bounces and deals damage to surrounding enemies and bounces back to previous target. If an enemy champion is hit by Spell Flux, they have reduced MR. The bounce can repel off of Ryze as well. (Deals no damage to caster)

  • New:Ryze throws a ball of energy at a target. The target is dealt damage and Flux is applied. Ryze’s next spell on an enemy with Flux has bonus effects:

    • Overload: Deals bonus damage, and bounces to nearby enemies with Flux

    • Rune Prison: Root duration is doubled

    • Spell Flux: Spreads Flux to all nearby enemies

    If a target is killed by an ally champion while debuffed with FluxFlux spreads to all nearby enemies

R: Desperate Power/ Realm Warp

  • Old, Desperate Power: Ryze passively gains CDR. 

    When activated, Ryze gains spell vamp, his spells does splash damage to nearby allies, and he gains a speed boost for 6 seconds.

  • New, Realm Warp: Ryze opens a portal to a location a short distance away. After a couple of seconds, he and ALL allied units are teleported to target location.


First of all, I don’t believe Ryze needed an update. He’s honestly not a champion that needs a rework and I don’t understand why it is him and not like Urgot/Yorick/Warwick. There are about ten champions that the league community is begging for Riot to fix, and we’re still waiting.


Second, if Riot believes that this new update will make Ryze EASIER, it does not. If anything it makes his kit even more complex. It makes it harder to understand his kit with the Rune on overload, and the bonus effects on Flux. AND RIOT THIS IS TO YOU. STOP MAKING AREA OF EFFECT SPELLS. WE KNOW IT’S WORKING BUT STOP. If you don’t understand let me list you the last champions with their kit working within a certain area.

  • Tailyah, Q
  • Aurelion Sol, Passive stars, Q,W,
  • Jhin, E, Killing an enemy champion marked
  • Illaoi, Ult
  • Kindred, W, Ultimate
  • Tahm Kench, Regurgitating a minion
  • Ekko, W, Ultimate
  • Taric Rework, Q, Ultimate
  • Bard, Ultimate
  • Fiora Rework, Ultimate

Finally, I am always exactly to see a new style on a champion. Ryze is a champion I pick for top lane, when the enemy teams are smart enough to ban Darius, but now with this new update that means I will have to relearn Ryze and his combos/choice making. 


Ryze-n from the dead… (‘Zombie Ryze’ copyrighted by Riot Games)

If you are curious for more info on the rework check out this link.



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