The Grapes of Deception?

Featured Image: Betrayal, Copyrighted by Blizzard
This post is in response to this article by Keith Windschuttle

The Grapes of Wrath a book with one of the strangest endings…ever. That’s not what I want to talk about. Keith Windschuttle had written an article, criticizing the lack of correct information. Using multiple sources from government statistics during the time, Windschuttle goes  on to speak about the false stats used in the book. Yes, the book would be terrible if it was a history book and used to educate the newer generation. But I don’t think that Steinbeck wanted it to be a history book.


The Bible, taken from April Laugh’s Blog

Windshuttle also ties this story in with the Bible, “Depression tales of poverty and hardship did not, was its theme from Exodus”. I have to agree with this comparison, in both stories a large amount of people are moving away from their home in hopes of getting a comfortable home for their families. Families die and families group together to survive. It caught my attention how religious the ex-pastor speaks, and it drew me a picture that the highway was like purgatory. Everyone is just trying to get through and carry on with their lives. Steinbeck writes this book with deep knowledge about religion, and human nature with that.



LCS, Riot Games

 The Grapes of Wrath is also a test. A test of humanity, what choices we make once a problem comes up.  Thinking outside of the box/thinking on your feet, all of these phrases keep humans alive. That’s how things are created, when an individual pushes the boundaries and discovers something new and delightful. That’s what the book really enforces in my opinion. It’s a book that tests the waters of your emotion. How do you really feel about this mistreatment of people, and what would YOU do about it? That is what I believe Steinbeck wrote this book for. To test us, the readers, about what we will let happen in our country. Will we be the ones who are attacking people for moving, and discriminating them for that? I hope not. I hope that my fellow peers will understand that we cannot let anything like this happen in our reality.


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