Operation: Overdrive

And in the darkness shining far beyond the starlight
Lightning is striking from the dark dawning shadows


It’s that time of the school year. AP exams are right around the corner and everyone is losing their marbles. I personally am not taking any AP tests, even though I am a junior and probably should. The stress level for me personally has not spiked unlike my fellow peers. I honestly hate the idea that getting into college depends heavily on taking these advanced classes and hoping to do so well. Don’t get me wrong its a great way to prepare yourself for when the time comes and you need to pull an all-nighter. The goal of school shouldn’t be to study the night before and hope to recall everything the next day, but to learn things that will last a lifetime.



Jiraya, Copyright: Masashi Kishimoto

Growing up has always been something we have to deal with. The problem with growing up, is that we continuously learn new things. Things we learned in school doesn’t always cohere with reality. For example, remember in elementary school and your teacher taught you about the ‘First Thanksgiving’. Sorry to burst your bubble, but in reality the Native Americans weren’t invited. They just showed up, after they heard all the noise from the pilgrims camps and houses. When I was younger, I personally wanted to grow up faster. I wanted to be able to do what I want, and now at this age I can. 

Modern Sonic vs Classic Sonic #1

Sonic, Copyright by SEGA

“It’s not the destination that matters, but the journey.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is just this, because the destination is ending up dead. (That is a bit depressing.) At school I always hear,”I wish I could graduate already” which is the exact opposite of what I think. Yes, the work we get for high school is frustrating, and it may seem that college is a utopia of freedom from work. Nope, you’re wrong. The possibilities of the amount of work is endless. Who knows what college courses you’ll take, or what job is given to you. So enjoy the life you have right now, it may not be better than later or it could be the best times of your life compared to the future. Life is about stamina, not a head-on sprint.


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