More Than Meets the Eye

Some gifts are a secret.

In our Day & Age, everyone has problems. There are some secrets will be known, and some will never be revealed. That’s not a problem, the problem with secrets is a very perfect word: Curiosity.


“The Hit”, Lazerhorse

I for one have had this problem very often. I am extremely curious, and I like to know things. I have learned to remain under the radar, I must be in the mix. The pepper in a soup mixture, something that is needed but is not a major ingredient. I am a nice addition to the recipe. And that’s the best part of it, I can be a part of everything.  In and out, you can have a VIP pass with your community. The burden is heavy to bear though. If people trust you, and they tell you all of their secrets, you must remember. You must be caring and understanding.



Doctor Who, BBC

Being curious, is… well to the most honest: two-sided person. You want to know! At the same time, you know that you probably shouldn’t be told… BUT YOU WANT TO KNOW!! Haha, yes that is exactly the point. That’s why we get the joy from it. Don’t deny it, you can’t hide the smile creeping up on your face. You know the joy I feel, does it feel creepy and a little sinister? YES. Feel glad of that fire inside, one of the best feelings in the world.


Vicious Circle, Dane Cook

Remember to remain under the radar, you still need to keep things about you to a minimum. Small talk is a perfect thing to learn, especially in a world where social media is such a positive tool. Have you seen celebrities on social media? How they want to live in the spotlight, but that is not what we believe in. Information is power! So learn, recognize, and thrive. You have so much power with the connections your brain makes. This life is dangerous though, so keep your body strong as well as your mind. Be on your toes literally. You will need it to survive the words, and the messages that will come out to bite and gnaw at you.


Creed, Rocky Series





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