Are you tired of giving Lilly?
Are you really happy?

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A problem we all encounter is happiness. I asked fellow peers of mine “What is the most prominent emotion?” Anger or Sadness, were the two most common answers. This made me seriously consider life in the crazy, strange thing it is.


Drawn by: Wolfe

‘Do we live to be happy?’ A strange yet reasonable question to ask ourselves. We strive so hard to aim for goals, but sometimes we don’t stop and think about if that will make us happy. When we ask each other “What should be our priority?” Most parents would say an education. Students would say finishing the homework that they have due the next period. Your coaches would say to be stronger, faster, and better than the opposing team. I would answer with ‘To be happy is my first priority’. So let me tell you a story.


@youtube iscoppie

Just like any typical male high school student, I have a crush on someone. Now I don’t know if anyone else realizes it, but in high school guys try a lot more and try to act cooler or more in trend. Unfortunately, being trendy is not something I am good at. Anyways so this girl I like is in one of my classes, and when you like someone you assume that if you get with them you’d be happy right? Well I can’t give you an answer because it honestly depends on the person and situation. In my opinion, I feel like we would be happy, but for a short period of time. We wouldn’t know how long it would last or how great the relationship could be, it could stink for that matter. That is why I admire the human race a bit. We have something called hope that sticks around with us even if it looks like life is going to be miserable forever.


@youtube The Killers 

All in all, what I am trying to say is that we all try to be happy and strive for it. The problem is that we can make ourselves even more unhappy because of that reason. But YOU, should always strive for it. Whether if its to be in a relationship, write a song, or for your parents to be proud of you, YOU can do it. I belive that we all can and will be happy one day, even if its our last. 

Today is another day to find you shying away…

I’ll be coming for your love okay?


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