Improvising Not Improving!

Your suggestion:

Go to FV Improv Shows!


Have you ever had trouble speaking in front of a crowd? Or thinking on the spot, or even being funny? Well that’s improv! Improv is simply explained as “acting without a script”. If you have seen the show Whose Line Is It Anyways?, then you have an idea of what I’m talking about.  In the shows, the actors perform games which usually involve suggestions from the audience. As a member of my school’s Improv club, I would know about Improv.


To me, Improv is more than a bunch of people being weird (although in retrospect, that is basically what it is). Improv is our lives, literally. We have no idea what is going to happen everyday, the world doesn’t just drop off a list every morning that explains what’s going to happen. We just have to accept the situation and deal with it as we believe is the best we can. That is exactly what improv is, as an performer I am given a random suggestion and work with my fellow performers to execute something magical. 
A lot of people come up to me and always ask me the same thing: ‘Is is hard to do improv?’ The answer is: yes, of course it’s hard to do improv! Put yourself in the actors/performers shoes. You have to come up with something immediately that is funny, smart, or strange in front of an audience who you don’t know. It may not look very hard, but take an improv class, you will realize how difficult it really is.


All in all, I’m just trying to say that Improv shows are incredible and amazingly funny. (If you know me personally and like me to tell you when the next show is message me.) Anyways, have an awesomesauce day!

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