Single Awareness Day

Yup today’s the day. For people in a relationship, today is the day that needs to be perfect, that planning would need to be perfect. The attire, the restaurant, the traffic, everything down to the dime. This could make or break the entire month for you, don’t mess up. Unless you’re me, and sitting at home playing League of Legends. Alas, me hearties don’t be sad there are many positive things about being single.


One: Saving Money

Valentine’s day can be very expensive. There are so many things you would need to pay for. Ranging from the reservation at the restaurant, to the gift that you plan to get your date. Let’s be honest with each other, watching money disappear so quickly is depressing. All the work you put in for it, and now it’s suddenly gone. If you don’t feel like this after your date, then you got your money’s worth.


Two: Free Time

Most people would be free on this day. Especially all your bros and gals who are single and aren’t doing anything. Call them up, and go do something social. Avoid going to restaurants and places like that, just throw a party and hang out. There’s nothing wrong with having some social time with your friends. If all of your friends are busy, it is the perfect time to try out new things. Use the free time to catch up on your favorite Netflix shows or maybe even practice that instrument that you put down because life got in the way. Music can make your day better, unless you just broke up with someone and are know listening to the sad songs. Don’t be that person.


Three: Embrace It

There’s nothing wrong being single. I don’t understand why some people hate being single, just because you’re not dating doesn’t mean you are alone.Good things come to those who wait. Be patient, or if you’re not that kind of person then get out there! “Just Do It! Don’t let your dreams be dreams!” Be the person you want to be and don’t let anyone else put you down about it.


Out of my own personal experience, I don’t know much about being in a relationship. It feels like I am being chained down to someone, even though I like them a lot and enjoy their company. There was one girl recently, who I liked, but I  knew she saw right past me. To her I was just the Wolfe, I’ve always been and I just accepted it. Love is blind, and it is slow for some fast for many. Go look for the one that will stay with you forever. For some people, like me, we chase and can never find the one. We are always turned away, because we are different and strange. But that’s okay because at the end of the day:


Just Another Girl– The Killers


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