My Demons

We’ve all had a few demons in our life.

Here are some of mine.



Starting from a young age, I was afraid of many things. From murderous clowns, to losing my parents, oh yeah clowns are freaky. I hate being scared, even though I love scaring someone else. One of my biggest fears is to lose everyone I have ever known. Just the thought sends a shiver down my spine. Another one of my fears is to die without fighting back. Yes, dying a weak and pathetic death is what I’m afraid of. Time does not count though, surprisingly I’m one hundred percent fine with that. Another fear is losing my friends to mental problems like stress and depression. One of my friends mean a good deal to me, I tease her all the time, but I don’t think that she realizes that I love her like family. That makes me happy and a little sad at the same time.




Unknown to most of my friends, I have a short fuse. There are some things that I can tolerate, and some things that can piss me off immediately. Most of the time, I can tolerate it, and the anger just seeps out over a few hours, and then I’m back to normal. However, if what I’m dealing with is constant, and I get no break then just like a chemical reaction, my anger builds until it explodes. What follows next is not usually very pretty. The chemical reactions results into rage, where I then proceed to hit anything but the person, because I rather not be sued. That’s one demon, that has been exploited the most.


Slow In Reverse- The Keep


I don’t give myself the nickname ‘Wolfe’ for no reason. During middle school there were many of times where I felt alone, and worthless compared to many of my classmates. I felt extremely lonely and much stupider than them. I was always an outcast compared, I didn’t understand what they liked or wanted to do. Being weird, and abnormal was the only thing that I was. I still feel lonely, I wear a fake smile when I go to school some days. It helps hide the pain, of the outcast. I thought I found my place a few months ago, but I was wrong.  I don’t understand the world I live in, with the people and the culture. Someday, I will find my place, no matter if I am still an out cast.



Despite the facts, I will have to face all of my feelings and emotions. Especially if its me against the world. So there is nothing to do but fight on.
I’ll show the world the


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