Why I joined the League

Image: Created by Riot Games

I first time I appeared on the Rift was back in 2008. I downloaded the game, because I saw my older cousin playing it. Back then the game looked like this:


Riot Games 2015

That ^^ my dear friends is what got my started on playing PC games. I will always remember the first champion I picked.


Phase One: The Frenzy

Warwick, the Blood Hunter, is a wolf-man who’s background has changed since the beginning but his play style and moves have stayed the same. A simple ‘point-and-click’ character just like most of the other characters in the game at that point. Warwick is a very easy champion to learn and master. I mained this champion in the ‘jungle’ which like the game has developed over time, and I with it.


Phase Two: The Hunter

A month or two go by, and I am comfortable jungling ever game. Soon my curiosity shifts to top lane. I start taking junglers up to the top lane trying them out, seeing which one does a decent job through out the game. Then one day I find this out the LoL website:


Rengar, the Pridestalker, the new champion in League of Legends. As soon as he comes out, I buy him and try him out. His mechanics were a lot different than Warwick’s, a lot of points in the game were defined with the choices I’d make at that exact moment. Soon, I was playing Rengar non-stop whether in top or mid lane. I would continuously play him. But on August 26th 2015, the most game changing update hit the live servers.


Current Phase: The Dunk

My current phase is the Hand of Noxus himself, Darius. I have shifted from the jungle into the top lane, dominating over most of the opponents I face. As crazy Darius’ damage is, he requires more practice, than everyone realizes. I still play this game for fun, but I am more competitive than I was back when I started. I grew up through middle school, and now high school playing this game. Just like every other legend, I adapted to the new patches and other changes to this game.


I will still probably be on the Rift for a long time before I retire. Until that happens, I hope to see you on the Rift summoner.


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