Turned Away-From It All

Please listen to this in the background

“This is our last dance, This is ourselves-

Under Pressure


It is that time again, every student hates: Finals Week. Okay, well it isn’t until next week but everyone is feeling the pressure from their parents about their grades. 

           I myself know this feeling really well. I am currently taking two AP classes, on of them being AP Eng which is just a lot of work. The other is AP Calc AB. which is the hardest thing I have ever taken in my entire life. This class was such a mistake and I regret it so much. I am really feeling the stress, and I rely on one thing to help me through stressful times: Music.

         Music has always helped me through life. Especially the song I have asked you to listen to. This song relates to me, and hopefully you, in our society. Life has probably become harder and harder, for the individual to succeed unless your predecessors thought ahead towards their descendants future. My generation, are very stressed from our predecessors, who gave up almost everything to make sure we have the best start. I really am grateful for that, but now in our culture this is harder than ever and I rely on music to pull me through.

To me, classic rock is always the best. There are so many songs that I can listen to and feel like it’s narrating my life. “Don’t Stop Believin'” or maybe “Here I Go Again” both songs are even older than I am, but I understand the song as much, or even more than someone my dad’s age does. Music needs to have a meaning or a message to it behind it. Not just a sad, lonely person singing to themselves or someone singing about weed, and women, that’s not who I am.

          I care about the meaning of life, and that actions are more important than words, but words can always change the view of life. I hate being put down, never let anyone take control of your life, no matter how close they are. Sometimes looks can be deceiving.



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