Claws Come Out- The Wolf Returns

The Time has come…


Orange light shines over the horizon, shadows leap behind trees and into bushes. The forest is filled with silence, it is fall. Even though the season leaves the trees bare, the forest feels eerie. Suddenly a figure rushes through the bushes. A man, clad in tan clothing, rushes through the forest trampling over bushes and twigs. Behind him three shadows follow him. These shadows break apart, splitting up to flank the man. Stumbling over his cloak, the man tripped. The shadows circle him, as he scrambles away from them, kicking dirt, throwing stones at the wolves trying to scare them away. The larger one sneaks onto a mound of rocks, the man turns around. The Wolf pounces.



As the shadow engulfs, the man. A knee slams onto his chest, and he opens his eyes to a man-like figure clenching his neck. “Why have you stolen from me?” The shadow growls. “Wha- what? I haven’t taken anything from you!” “Liar! You have it right there, inside that pouch!” The shadow reaches down and tears the satchel from his arms. With brute animosity, it shreds the pouch in half. A collection of various herbs and mushrooms tumble out of it onto the man’s chest. The man starts to shake as he tries to conjure a lie, but the blood red eyes that stare into his soul had stopped him. “I need them! My master is sick! He needs this to get better!” “Liar again! All of these herbs are poisonous to normal humans! You better tell me the truth or I will rip your head off your measly body!” The man gulps, deciding his next words. “I need them, I am an alchemist’s apprentice. He needs these for a potion that will stave off mortality. He’s making the Immortality potion from the Philosopher’s Stone.” The Wolf stops, it looks back onto the pile of items. He counts each one, their properties and his knowledge about what they can be created into. He shoos off the two other shadows, whom have been sitting patiently watching the exchange between the two. The Wolfe picks up the items and creates a makeshift pouch from some bits and pieces of leather. “Here Cadmus,” The Wolf said as he tosses the pouch to him, “It is far from the roads, and light is fading soon. I will accompany you to your master.” “How do you know my name?” he asks. The Wolf morphs into a slim, young looking man. “Remember me?” Cadmus gasps as the words flow from his mouth,“Omega??”


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