Oh no its almost that time again…


So for me school is starting really soon, and its going to be my junior year in high school. I know how stressful and nerve-wracking it could be, so here is my top 5 tips of how to survive high school.

Step 1: Stay Cool


Don’t let your classes get all up in your grill. It’s frustrating to see one of my friends just slowly die during the school year, because they freak out over their classes. By the end of the year, I agree its really hard especially if you are literally drowning in AP classes. Just do what’s reasonable: If you can’t handle 5 AP classes then take only 3.

Step 2: Find A Way To Relax


According to more recent stress tests, high schoolers are under more stress than adults. So on the weekends go out and do something. You can sit at home and play video games too, but from the tryhards I’ve seen, it doesn’t really seem beneficial.

Step 3: Join a Club


Find a club in/out of school that you enjoy. I’m not saying to join a club and go to all of the events because I say this. Go to events when you have time, not when you have an essay that is due the next day. One excuse for not doing this reason, is because you’re antisocial. Honestly, I know some of the quietest people, wow I know right, and they still go to clubs and events.

Step 4: Find A Group of Friends


The buddy system, I mean how could you not have at least 5 friends in school. During lunch you could just ask if you could sit with them if you really have nothing to do. All that matters if that you are brave and confident enough to do it. I don’t think its scary, and yes it will probably be really awkward, but hell just do it.

Step 5: Be yourself!!


Being yourself can separate you from the terrible experience of high school you are having. If you don’t want to hang out with a certain group because they are not the people you want to hang out with don’t. The one thing I cannot stand about some teenagers is how fake they can be. Why is our image so important all of the sudden?! We are going to make mistakes, and we have our entire life ahead of us!



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