Innovation Memories

Innovation, smells like… sweat and work… mostly.

Last week I had the honor to bring back ‘Family Friday’ to my english class with help from my partner Danny. We set up two activities, a scramble game which different periods were to supposed to find out quotes that were given to them each period. The other was a simple quiz making game called Kahoot!

Basically Family Friday was part of our schedule from the beginning of the year, but faded due to projects and just the overall classwork. My partner and I just wanted to bring the fun because school is basically over for us and we both just wanted to end the school year with good memories, and I hope we achieved that. I was hoping that we could have done more things, we had a larger list, but what we had was good for the limited time we did have.

I learned that communication is key. There is a lot of work when it comes to planning an event that interrupts someone else’s time. So, next time I plan an event that involves multiple people I will need to get that ball rolling quicker. Other than that, another problem I encountered was with the simplicity of the games. ‘What should I do that is easy to explain and can be played quickly?’


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