B.R.A.W.L.’ ing with the Mind

There are two parts of man which are the strongest,

their heart and their mind.

There were a lot of hard topics to debate over, and I feel like I was a strong part of my team in the actual debate and discussing it with our team mates. As second in command of my group I helped develop a main point in every question, and assisted my group with what responses that their opponents might say. Deciphering and bringing up points in the book that also applied was another thing that I helped my group with. It was also my idea for one of the questions, first brawl question 10, “If ‘Man is essentially a beast'[pg. 44], what keeps him from his feral (natural) instincts?”

I learned that even though this was a (somewhat) professional debate, I really felt like this was a very good learning experience and helped me continue to read the book. Most teachers just want to read it and then take a really boring test that is worth a whole bunch of points. I honestly really enjoyed it and loved it because it helps speaking skills. Whenever I spoke I tried to speak as clearly and relatable as possible. This really helps everyone even though they probably don’t like speaking out to groups of people, which is totally normal.

Also from the B.R.A.W.L. I learned that what people read and see are related to things they produce. Some people are inspired by others to do good things, or to be better. Just like one quote which Mr. Theriault and I like, was from one of my peers whom said:

“War will always be an option, but it doesn’t have to be a necessity.” Ally

That quote itself shows that from these kinds of discussions and making of our own questions, we really do learn more than from what a test grade will tell us, it gives us a deeper meaning to it.


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