End of the (School) Year

Here we are on my last blog post…

(of the school year, heh)

 I’ve honestly never really done any kind of writing that involved the public actually being able to see it, but this year my English teacher decided to do blog posts. At first, just like every person in the world, was unsure if this was going to be a good idea or not. I have to admit, I find this more interesting and less stressful than writing a 5 page essay about plants (That sounds incredibly boring).


Writing is supposed to be fun, on some levels. Doing a blog post, where we can relate any subject or something from pop culture into our class was an amazing idea. Blogging can be a bit rushed though. A post a week, about something in class most kids/teenagers, want to make thing perfect just the way they want it. I disagree with that and think that they should still pump out the 300 word blog post. It’s not going to be perfect every single time, and not all of us are amazing writers.

whoaMy least favorite part about this blog posting idea, is that it feels bland. Saying our opinion, then get hammered with a mediocre grade because it wasn’t “interesting/amazing”. Creative writing is not going to be amazing, its going to be very random and awkward. That’s okay though, embrace it being ‘normal’ and the ‘same’ is over rated.


One blog post I felt really worked to me was: Who Wants to be A Hero? I feel extremely connected to this blog post because it was one post that really revealed to what I thought about everyone wanting to be in the spotlight. The spotlight is not a stage for everyone to play. There are those who do more out of the world’s eye than the one that stand there and soak up the sun.

Finally as advice to someone who will do this next year, I recommend one thing:

You type what you want, using your own personality. Don’t be that person who mimics someone else, you are unique in everything including your writing style and opinion.

So go get ’em!!



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