Time to Rise Against

I’ve seen the child of a violent man
I can’t look away, or pretend not to see

And so I say

I’ve been awake too long


Pulse quickens. Heart beating like a drum. Faster, faster! It gets closer and closer. Won’t back down, won’t take ‘No’, for answers anymore.┬áRed bands are seen on arms of men, brown shirts are seen marching down an alley. A gunshot is heard from the inside of a building. The light goes out inside, and a scream chills your bones.


“Keep head down and walk faster,” you say to yourself. Shouting is heard as you cross the street, mocking you and laughing at you. You shrug it off, just another day. Reach the place where you want to go. You sit down and you hear, “Hey look its the Idiot.” Laughter is heard in the back as you calmly remove items from your backpack. *Ding* Another day…

Finally get out and able to stroll around after what it seems to be like forever. After getting some food, you find somewhere to sit by yourself, and just enjoy the serenity and the peace and quiet. *Ding* Sighing you get up and you go to your next class. Same routine over and over, lifeless and dull.

large (1)

It finally ends and there you are leaving the same way you came, head low. A shadow looms nearby as you walk across a corner. Then another and another, you turn around and see the same group of goons as before.

They approach spitting poison and hate. Surrounding you like a herd of wild animals on attack. One pounces, throwing his fist towards you. Immediately you hit the ground, reeling from this unexpected attack. The others only laugh as they start to kick at you. Pains and blows burn across your body as they pound you unrelentingly. You look up and just see a fist coming downwards towards your face. A hand catches the fist half way, and a growl is heard…



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