It’s All In My Head But…

Racing shadows in the moonlight
Through the desert on a hot night
And for a second there we’d won
Yeah, we were innocent and young

Clawing, biting, and fighting through the darkness is what it feels like when you are fighting a losing battle. What battle am I talking about? The ones where we must fight ourselves. The eventual collapse of our self esteem. This is when the battle of our imagination takes over. What is happening? What is false and what is the truth. Feels like you’re looking at a mirror, and your reflection punches you in the face.


But that’s what it truly feels like, doesn’t it? We all have our own ways to deal with it. I for one listen to my favorite band, The Killers. Despite the name, the band plays a lot of love songs. The song I always go to when I feel like this, is Battle Born from their new album ‘Battle Born’.

Did they break your heart? (Did they break your heart?)
And did they cause your soul to mourn
Remember what I said
Boy you was battle born
Cause you can’t stop now (Cause you can’t stop now)

Remember, this is how I deal with stress and self doubt. Not everyone uses music this way, but there may be a few. Alas  it is not hard to remember, that although the world may be unfair, you just have to power through it. Don’t let life knock you down. If life does, grab onto the ropes of the ring and get back up. and then, when life least expected it, rush up to it and give it the KO punch of the century.


Always remember, when life knocks you down, do a flip and get back up! (Or just take life out!)


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