A True Hunter Never Rests…


*Deep growl* Hello, fair readers. We all have a goal in life, correct? Sometimes we never reach that first goal. Do you know why? Because we changed our goals. Simply put, you don’t have the same goal as you had during your childhood. So when I reach a short term goal and someone comes up to me saying, “Oh congratulations you did it!” I smile and thank them, but think to myself, “Just wait, I am just getting started!” You shouldn’t stop once you reach your goal, you should strive to master or accomplish another thing as well.


So many people want to believe they’re important, if they are important (aka POPULAR) to different people they will feel complete. Actually though, its the small things that matter. I believe that everybody just wants to be a hero. Nay, I say I want to do what I want, even if nobody notices or I don’t get any credit for, because for me it would be worth it. donna

There are a few of my friends who I’m becoming very close to, and I always urge them to do better or to try new things they’ve never tried. There’s one person I know, someone very quiet, whom I say is special. She doesn’t believe me, but she still accepts the compliment. For me, hanging out with someone is special to me. Just being with them makes me happy and to show them how amazing the world is. When I fight, I don’t just fight for others, I fight for the people who I sought to protect.


Remember, don’t strive a single goal. Strive for many goals, you could be overweight, and wanting to change. Maybe you could spend less time on Netflix or Youtube. Always help out those in need. Goals were meant to be reached, so reach out and keep grabbing.


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