Childish Adults

Well, of course I’m being childish!

There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes

-The Doctor

“Make sure you…”, the usual list of chores and duties follow after those three words. Remember when we were children and when we didn’t get what we wanted we’d say things like, “When I’m an adult I’ll do what I want!!!” I disagree, I think that younger generation, like what our parents say, don’t understand how lucky they are. Most adults I see out and about, have lost their childhood, grumpy and irritable (*cough cough* Mr. Theriault). For those of you who do know him, at times he can be a blast, a pentakill in League. Other times he is the master of ELO Hell.


Adults should be more awesome! Parents are supposed to set an example for their kids, but strict policies and conforms are to rough for a child to handle. Since when was life a work to death cycle, wash and repeat? Why are parents so strict when the media teaches us to be free? Because we need to taste the freedom!! Why don’t they let us go!? Why is playing video games on the couch with friends so bad? Why can’t we do that for a living!? It is because we can.


Humor taken seriously? Still funny. During strict events, my uncle and I still get in trouble for being goofballs, and usually its him more than me, haha. Sometimes, I feel like parents and adults stop their children from doing wonderful things, and changing them to be worst. Just remember that actions and words can change someone’s future.


Next time you see something you don’t like, you should always speak up about it. Children learn from bad experiences, that’s how some achieve greatness, but most of their lives turn ugly.


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