Latest Bassist

Latest Bassist


Last christmas I received a very special gift. It was a red bass with an amp. I used to play the violin, but quit because I hated my teacher and didn’t want to give high school a chance. This gift put me back into practicing some kind of music and no, I don’t know how to play the piano =__=. I quickly learned the four major strings (EADG), and started to pick and try the notes. The first day was interesting. I plugged my bass into the amp for the first time. It was very loud, much louder than 5 violins combined, which was absolutely fantastic. The first song (well part of it) was Maneater, by Hall & Oates. That was the beginning of January. Since February, I know how to play (entirely) Seven Nation Army, When You Were Young, and Rude. I really want to learn a lot of classic songs, so currently I am working on Maneater, and Don’t Stop Believin’. Some songs I want to learn is Seperate Ways and a heavy metal song.


I believe that music has the potential to teach us and future generations the beauty of itself. Growing up from a family that would listen to a lot of country music, I learned what music sounded good and wholesome and what music ultimately was not that good. When you are a musician you learn of the different parts of the song, that make it sound complete, thus from playing the bass guitar it shows you that not all iconic sounds come from the lead singer or guitarist, but that person in the back behind them.


We’ve all had that moment when we have an opportunity and we don’t know what to do. I suggest you should usually take the opportunity. New experience await when you say ‘yes’ to something you’ve never done before. No, I am not talking about drugs and stuff like that. I am talking about that new kid you should go talk to. Or start helping out at church or school. Create something new and amazing, or help make something better.

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