Chapter 6: Seperate Ways

Chapter 6: The Eternal Federation


        Steel crashes against each other, as figures rush towards the howl. ‘Just another wolf pack coming to scavenge’. Thats what they all thought. They were very wrong. Rushing into the cobblestone square, they gasped at what they saw. A wave of wolves glared directly at the soldiers. The wolves lunged at the soldiers, biting and tearing into them. Shaking them off, the soldiers ran, a unified howl was heard from the wolves. Panic ran with the soldiers, ushering them on, back towards the torches of the city.


On the outskirts of the city, they rush across a moat, armor clanking and clinking as they flee. At the end of the horde, wolves tackle the soldiers. A large black one walks and stops at the moat. Sniffing the air. A figure appears from the gate, an old divinator  hobbles forward. He holds out his arm reaching towards the wolf. The wolf snarls, baring its teeth. The eyes of the old man flash at the wolf, seeing a snarling teenager. “Alas young wolf, be on your way, therian blood is a treasure. Now BEGONE!” Osiris backs up and trots away. “How did he know?” He thought to himself. Soon he rejoins the group and turns back to human. Stretching his arms, he says, “There is an old man who saw me through my disguise. He resides in the town surrounded by the moat.” “You mean Villivan?” Serena cuts in.  “Yeah thats it. Anyways, I want to go back there again in the day and talk to him.” “No, don’t do that, its a bad idea!” Omega says, shaking his head. “Okay fine, what should we do?” Osiris asks. “I believe we should head past the Shrouded Forest and to head across the volcanic region of the Flame Master.¨

Fotr6¨What? Do you know how much supplies we need to even get passed the forest? The forest is enormous, and there are ents, druids, and more dangers. Can’t we just go to the city?” ¨If you dont like it so much, then you be on your merry way!¨ Omega spats, ¨I am going to stay here, and rebuild the city I grew up in!¨ He limps away, holding his leg. ¨If he can do what he wants so will I!¨ Osiris says, going back towards the forest.


And so each of our heroes were off to do their own things. Omega, to rebuild his tribal camp. Osiris to hunt alongside his blood brothers. Serena and Xanthus towards to the Flame Master’s domain. Cadmus decided to see the old man whom Osiris encountered and to train under him.


Months will pass before they will encounter each other once again.


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