Halling the Oates

  As a younger person, there is so much content available it may be hard to choose what we like. Listening to the radio, yes I still do it’s not obsolete yet. My favorite, whom I am listening to, is the duo,

Daryl Hall and John Oates.

 Private Eyes

Hall & Oates (as they are more formally known as), were signed in the 1970’s. Together they have sold the most albums of any music duo in the history of music.

Daryl Hall,68, does the main vocals and plays rhythm guitar of the two. He has amazing vocals showing from songs like ‘Sara Smile’ or ‘She’s Gone’. Daryl as also written a large proportion of the hits for this duo. Daryl has also created solo albums such as Can’t Stop Dreaming. (The duo are still together, even to this day!) Daryl currently has a free web series called
Live from Daryl’s House (LFDH). Here he hosts guests at his house, and together they talk about music and also jam out some of Hall & Oates or the guest’s songs.
John Oates,65, does the backup vocals and also second guitar (which is different from rhythm guitar). He has written most of the songs, excluding most hits. He does a lot of backup vocals mostly seen in songs like “Private Eyes” and “Rich Girl”. Although John has been the ‘little guy’ (literally), of the duo sensation, he has an amazing solo career. As of now, I still believe that he is touring. He plays most songs from his solo albums, and plays an amazing acoustic guitar.
On the 20th of February, Hall & Oates released a live taping of a show into movie theatres. ‘Live from Dublin’, which is how it sounds taped in Dublin, Ireland. I, personally, would go to the movies just to watch the taping, because I am a huge fan, and would love to see them live.

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