Chapter 5: A New Dawn

A short distance away, which our story has began. A caravan creaks along the road. Whining horses pull the carriage into the center of a nomadic town. The man who commands the caravan halts the wagon. He steps out and says unto the people, “Hello, nomadic tribe. I come in peace, I bring gifts for all of you. My people of the East bring you no harm. We would like to welcome you to our city a few miles away.” He unloads bags of wheat— Vegetables, venison.

All in good fortune…


Inside the forest, our heroes reunite. Sharing their tales to one another they have learned of the magicks that have been in effect. Cadmus has been granted the power of the forest, being able to increase the growth of any of the forest inhabitants. On a nearby tree, they all inscribe their names. A reminder. Better or worse. Together they walk back to their home, danger awaiting them.Smoke rises. The sky is red. Like blood. Chaos reigns. Our heroes witness this scene, amongst the trees. The smokes rising from the camp which they were born and raised.Screenshot_254
    Sprinting towards their home, Xanthus takes lead sweeping away the flames with his newfound ability. Massive rubble cuts their path, but Omega bowls through it with the power of the earth. Osiris stays in the middle of the group, using his wolfish abilities to keep aware of the surrounding area. Serena follows, wielding her warhammer, ready to crush any enemy closing around their flank. Cadmus walks at the end of the group, watching the flames and staying away from them. Osiris suddenly perks up and says, “Hush, I heard movement over there.” The group instantly stops, and hides behind some of the burning rubble. Osiris changes into a full wolf, and takes a deep breath. Sniffing the air, he takes in steel plates, sweaty brows, and…blood. No regrets left, Osiris howls calling all of his spiritual brethren from the hills.



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