Musical Vibes

As we all know, there are many different types of music. To that there are various bands, and thousands of songs. To these many, songs there are thousands of categories to which they fall to: Pop, Rock, Rap, Jazz, and so on and so forth. So my very thought of question is:

Out of all the various kinds of music, Why do we have a preference about what kind of music ‘sucks’ or is ‘lame’?
Mass Music Genre Wordle

Personally, my music taste is absolutely just messed up. I like so many different kinds of music it scares me, and no I don’t mean “Oh, I like not so popular bands and artists like Panic! and F.o.B.” If music was an art form, then I am the worst abstract artist in the world. Out all the theoretical interests, the average of society seems to have I am on of the Odd One’s out. My favorite genres include Power Metal, Comedy, and Soundtrack. That’s right, Power Metal, Soundtrack and Comedy.





Metal itself is not a very popular, but Power Metal is even more scarce. Power Metal usually consist of six minute of heavy jamming and four of the minutes are guitar solos. Each song usually revolves around the same thing, something being fought for, here is an excerpt from one of my favorite songs, The Game by Dragonforce:

‘Again and again I tried

so hard, to reach for the stars

but I failed you all

tried to keep standing tall

never had a real chance at all

but still I’m searching

for ten thousand ways to say sorry’

Other than Dragonforce some of my favorite Power Metal bands include Megadeth, Metallica, and John 5.

Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together

Soundtrack music is basically the music from movies, video games, or just TV shows. Some of my favorite music to listen to are from such titles as: Don’t Starve, Doctor Who, Naruto, and Rush Hour. A lot of people enjoy Soundtrack music, because it could remind them of something, for example the Super Mario Bros. Theme. THAT is truly a popular tune. Here’s my favorite soundtrack song, the 10th Doctor’s theme from Doctor Who:

Danny from NSP

Danny from NSP

Finally, there is the Comedy section. Two of the most well known ‘Comedy’ artists are Tenacious D and Weird Al. Both of these bands created content which was appealing to people. A small band of a comedy duo is NSP. Their songs are original, but is only for people older than 18, so don’t be playing this to little kids. My favorite song from NSP is Dinosaur Laser Fight:


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