What do guys tend to like…

Heyo grills (girls) of the internet. Have you ever wondered “Why are guys so confusing? What do they like? How should I act with them?”. Well this post may help answer your questions


As a guy even I don’t fully understand my gender’s flaws and strengths, but I have realized something. Guys are nervous when they talk about girls (typically). There is no guy friend of mine which I have talked seriously about girls with. It just doesn’t seem, to us, extremely important at the age I am at (high school). Although most movies depict it as, so it really isn’t.



Again, another flaw with guys are, we’re simple minded. Girls have all these hints and clues to show if they like a guy. Guys on the other hand, won’t even notice.


I have always heard confusion between guys and girls. Basically, its not weird unless you think its weird. If a guy likes a girl, he would get nervous when shes happy and smiling, all nice and sturf. A girl just blushes and freaks out, whilst the guy is confused. All in all, just don’t be nervous or act abstractly. Good luck, Vale!


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