Single Awareness Month!!

Hello!! As you can see from the title, it is


I am going to try to post daily, each day a new topic, until February 14, so enjoy all the contents you silly-willies. Starting off, I this post is going to be about the #1 voted couple in Sci-Fi history:

The Doctor & Rose Tyler

The Doctor has many companions in his 2,000+ year life span, but in the new series of Doctor Who, Rose Tyler was the Doctor’s main love interest (other than River Song, but lets not get into THAT). Rose Tyler and the Doctor first met during the Doctor’s 9th regeneration (we’re not including War Doctor to avoid timeline and age confusion). So Rose and The Doctor have been through alot, seeing as how Rose was actually involved a lot inside the Doctor’s life. Rose would have spent her entire life with the Doctor if it wasn’t for the parallel universe and stuff like that. The Doctor truly did love Rose as he said one of his most famous quotes…

I’m burning up a sun  just to say goodbye…

So if you aren’t a whovian and made it this far there’s this^ to break a fandom’s heart everytime. Have a great day guys!!


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