Chapter 4: Great Power Comes With….

“Strength comes from the ones you fight for…

and the ones you are trying to protect”

PoV: Omega

       Dawn breaks over the horizon, it’s intense rays wake me with the blinding light. I shield the sun with my hand. As I blink into consciousness, there is someone sitting back against me facing a campfire. I proceed to push myself up when I notice that from my torso down is caked in earth and it has hardened. I struggle, but to no avail.The figure, Xanthus turns around and see that I’m awake. “Oh you’re up, I found you like this,” He points my legs. “I would have tried to pull you out, but you were asleep.”  “Well I’m up now so let’s get this over with.” He grabs my arms and struggles to pull me free. Gasping exasperatedly, Xanthus steps back and paces around the fire, which he always does when he’s thinking. “Hold still, this is going to be really, REALLY hot.”


       He says as he pulls up the sleeves on his tunic. His eyes start to glow red, just like his hands. He then shoves his hands into the ground below my legs. He strains, and rips me from the ground. He puts me down, then rushes to the river nearby and puts his hands in it, steam rising up. I stretch out my body, spreading my palms and placing them on the ground. I look up questioning what just happened, when I see the earth beneath my palms slowly start to rise up. I clench my fist, and pull my arm straight up. The earth continuing to rise faster and faster to my amazement. Releasing my fist, I stretch my hand out flat and swipe across the air in a fan-like motion. A fan of earth shards fly forward… towards Xanthus. He turns around to see the shards flying at him.

PoV: Xanthus

I whip my head around to see earth shards flying at me. In a blink of a reaction time, I shove my hands forward emitting a large flame spray in front of me. The shards immediately incinerate, and the flames stream towards Omega. I pull back my hands hoping that the fire would stop there, but it continues to stream towards Omega. He backs up and crosses his arms in front of him. A mud-wall shoots upwards, shoving the fire around him like a ship through water…


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