He Felt As If Something Had Died…


What is the true meaning of loneliness?

         “Starting off, I would like the claim that this post will not be sad or melancholy. It is a claim that I have created from learning information from a bunch of random perspectives, so please keep that in mind”

        In my opinion, the true meaning of loneliness is the point of in which you are the strongest, the loudest, the nicest, the funniest, and the saddest person you will be. I believe that this is true, because you do things you would never do when you aren’t lonely. You wouldn’t old the door for a large crowd, you wouldn’t help someone walk across the street. You wouldn’t let a pretty girl go first… okay bad example.


        From what I have heard, asked, and learned from my peers a large selection of them believe that being lonely is a negative and a disadvantage in life. I have concluded differently. Just as I mentioned in the paragraph above, I believe that loneliness leads to new thoughts, ideas, and visions. Just as Siddhartha went through whilst he was traveling and living alone from anyone, he learned many things from the world. Just like Siddhartha when you are either living alone or doing something alone, your mind starts to wander and you think about millions and millions of possibilities. If you aren’t creative or imaginative being alone stimulates that. When there is nothing distracting your brain, like homework or video games or any other subject. There is also the apparent emptiness that you suddenly realize when you are alone. I take it to consideration that a lot of people do not want to be alone, and nobody does. That’s a disadvantage about thinking, you start to dream about the “what if’s”. Some of you people may not agree nor understand what I mean, but the dreamers understand. The thought of being alone pushes ourselves into action and to make us be go-getters.

Private Eyes- Hall & Oates

Private Eyes- Hall & Oates

        For example, I love Doctor Who, and by watching how the Doctor acts, behaves, and feels that makes me want to be him. Even with all the pain sadness and sorrow that he may have. Strangers don’t like me either they believe that I’m too loud, that I’m too weird and that’s okay they have the right to their own opinion. There are also others that I know whom I would like to ask for a second chance. There is someone right now whom I hope would read this and would make them think. I want those people to give me a chance… a chance to make their lives much more fun and exciting. I want to show them what they can achieve. I hope that you believe me, and give me the chance that I ask for.


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