Chapter 3: Jump Start Into Overdrive

Time: No importance at this point

PoV: Osiris

Are you afraid of the wolf?

Teeth like needles…arms like logs

  You know the feeling you get when you’re hanging upside down on a branch? Well… being held by a 10 foot arachnid is just like it, except for the arachnid part.

                   As I was able to pull myself into the clearing, the first thing I get to see are eight shiny, black eyes staring blankly at me. Suddenly, the eyes are gone and I see a long needle coming straight at me. I felt anger rising in my chest and lashing out, I break the grip of the beast, surprising it. As it scuttles back, it shrieks in anger and lashes out with its mandibles. I run to meet it, sidestepping its clumsy attack and slashing downwards, leaving a three long scratches. Surprised, I glance at my arms, they are covered in fur, with inch long claws protruding from each fingertip. I take a deep breath in and receive an overwhelming combination of scents. Those include a smelly arachnid, blood on some trees, and… a person.

             Glancing behind the menacing creature I see Serena, panting heavily, arms wrapped around a silver war hammer. Sprinting around Big Ugly (the spider) I flank around and meet up with Serena. She raises the hammer in defense when I joke,”I’m back from collecting firewood!” She sighs before saying in reply, “Well, next time you’re not going to get it… so what happened to you?” “Who knows? Let’s handle Big Ugly first, so… Alpha Omega pattern?” *Sighs* “Always with the wolf names, let’s do this!”

 PoV: Serena


                        The Alpha Omega tactic is a flanking maneuver where the attacking force splits off into a large and small group, and the smaller group will deal the killing blow. Osiris changed growing into a large wolf. I leapt onto his back and grasped the scruff of his neck for balance. I made a clicking noise and he was an animal. He charged head on towards the spider, and then they exchanged blows. Two large creatures battling it out for survival. After this brief exchange, Osiris backs off. “I think its time to drop the hammer…,” He mutters.

                       He charges at the beast once more. As we approach, I prepare for the maneuver. The second before he plowed into the spider I jump upwards. I see the eyes glance up at me, before getting rammed by a seven-foot wolf. As it steadies itself, I start to fall, bringing the war hammer over my head it smashes into the skull of the creature. Green liquids explode from the creature’s skull, flying everywhere. As we catch our breath, sunlight starts to beam across the horizon. The first ray that touches Osiris, he crumples onto the earth, black smoke stream out of him. The smoke soon dissipates and all that is left is Osiris laying there, covering his head in human form…


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