Chapter 2: Fury of the Storm


Through the force in our power we will soon reach the hour
For victory we ride, Fury of the Storm!!

Hello fellow Gallifreyans, this blog post is supposed to be about rain, and when I think of rain I think of storms.

Every person is a storm, a giant formation of pressurized air. Each of us has good days, each of us have bad days. Some of us give off clean water, light rain, and wander peacefully. Others give off acid rain, strong downpours of rain which create deadly landslides, and storm (haha get it?) across land wreaking havoc. We all collide with each other and confrontations happen between us, good and bad. Some of us are known for being the good storms, and some are known for being bad storms.

And some of us are known for being both…

Everything we do is just like how nature effects us. Whenever we mock or make fun of someone, it is like lightning striking the earth. Something like that may seem harmless, but may lead to something that may hurt people and make yourself look bad. When it rains, it is like when we are sharing our opinion about anything. Even though it is your own opinion and everyone has their opinions, that doesn’t mean that everyone else agrees or accepts your opinion. I think that everyone needs to think about what they are doing and to see that what they are doing is not just effecting themselves, but also the people around them. We all need to understand that our actions in the world does not just fly free, there are consequences for everything. During the Industrial era, a lot of the nations were using coal as a fuel source even though it is very bad for the environment. Also making gas for our cars depletes the earth’s natural source of oil and that is causing us a problem now, with the limited amount of gas and thus the prices are higher. We need to stop being so inconsiderate and selfish and to care about others and not just ourselves.

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