Auf Dem Lande Auf Dem Meer, Lauert Das Verderben, Die Kreatur Muss Sterben

On the land and on the sea, Decay lies in wait, The creature must die


 Survival is an ability that every single organism needs to be able to live its life. Survivability is not whether you can get up and go get food and nutrition for yourself, but it also includes getting by unscathed by life’s daily miseries. Everyday, people get up hating their lives, getting dressed for the job they hate, and life takes a dagger to their heart(s). There will be one day where they can’t take it anymore and will just break down and cry.


                                                   Savior, we all need one

 Prey on the Weak, you will survive

Prey on the Strong, you will live

     So, its time that I put some personal sturf in this, don’t worry there won’t be any names inserted. Surviving is also being able stand up against something wrong, and for something right. For me, I believe one part of surviving is being able to love and to pass on lessons and value that you have learned from your entire life. You pass these things to not just your children but to people you know.

eda876c9fe7b37f2f1667c6676eb909dDepression is a major issue in our society today. There are many people who feel like nothing and have no better choice than to take their own lives, and leave us. I myself was under depressions for a few months of my life. The feeling of having nobody standing with you, nobody that can comfort you in a time of need makes you finally realize what it is like to be alone. Right now, I have a friend that is fighting for himself. He his an absolute brilliant person, and he makes me smile with every conversation. Right now, unlike me, he is unsure of what life is to be happy as I am.


  Some people may be the weirdest, funniest, most popular, or craziest in the world, but that’s is how they survive against the world. The way to survive is not restricted to what you can do, but to what you won’t do.

I got this idea from my friend you should check out her post:


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