Technology, oh humanity


Isn’t that like Twitter?
-Clara Oswald, Bells of Saint John

    Hello my fellow humans/Gallifreyans, I’m here to talk about technology and all the brilliant things it may lead to. After that, I will have a counter-argument so if your interested you can also read that.

My Thesis: Technology is fantastic and will lead us to the stars and beyond.The-universe-the-universe-10732134-1728-1152

    Technology is one of the greatest things we have accomplished. We can create a capsule that can carry living organisms and transport them through the dark empty masses of space. By using these technologies, we have learned many things, like how big our universe is or how an organism functions with all its little varying differences. We also have been able to create cures to harmful diseases. We have been able to create a cure to purify diseases risking to make certain species extinct. We have created amazing movies and different forms of entertainment. We have been able to reconstruct old black and white movies, and music on records into data, and electronically save things such as pictures of our cats and children. Seeing how we can use technology, why would it ever be harmful?

 zulu-dawn2 (1)

Counter Argument

     Technology is extremely harmful. Has time went on and technology sky rocketed… for the better and for the worst. Once the medieval era started, bows started to get more powerful. Bows soon evolved into crossbows. Soon catapults evolved into cannons. Nations started to engage in wars, and technology started to be the sideline goal. For example, Germany started to try to create the first atomic bomb. Another example, is when large nations wanted to explore the world and landed on the new continents. Some civilizations were extinguished by alien weapons, like the Iroquois and the Zulu.Technology in the industrial era, was extremely harmful to our planet. Coal and the release of poisonous gas into the environment, really weakened our environment, not just posing danger to us, but to the other creatures that are on our planet too. Put quite simply, even though technology may seem like it brings only positives to the table, but it also carries its negatives.


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