Video Game High School

“You will not study physics you will study physic engines, you will not study art…

You study the art of war,

You will learn biology by bathing in the blood of your enemies… Sound good?

Well, welcome to VGHS, Video Game High School “


        Video Game High School… something any gamer would love to go to. There are many different fields you could take classes in. You could take the FPS class, and join BrianD on Field of Fire. You could also join Ted and D.K. (Drift King) on the course. You could even take the rhythm game class, where your mentor could be Freddie Wong, the creator for the top selling rhythm game Axe Legends.

Rocket Jump

            As imaginary as this is, that is an actual poster for a webseries under the same name. VGHS (short for Video Game High School) is a 3 season webseries created, by Rocket Jump, whom head directors are: Freddie Wong (freddiew) and Matt Arnold. This series is placed into a world that is centered around what most of my generation is about, technology and video games. Our main protagonist is an average gamer known as his gaming name, BrianD (but we just call him Brian). His ragtag team of gamers include: Ted Wong, Ki Swan, and Jenny Matrix. Due to copyright issues, the games spoken and played in the series are, the most popular: Field of Fire, a FPS shooter game much like Call of Duty, Axe Legends, a music rhythm game, much like Guitar Hero. This series applies to one word: Underdog.

    Everyone has had that moment when they were the Underdog one point in your life. In life, there is only one winner, and that is Time. Being the Underdog is the fight to do what you want, and to finally get what you want. But for some of us, the stars refuse to shine, and it may be a while until we achieve our goals.

Character Analysis:


Brian, a.k.a. BrianD:

Brian is a freshman whose journey just started at VGHS. He was accepted into VGHS after he humiliated the Law… on a public livestream. He majors in the FPS class (Field of Fire).

His best friend, and roomate at VGHS, is Ted Wong, and Ki Swan. His love interest is Jenny Matrix.


Ted/Theodore Wong:

Ted’s reason why he was accepted was unknown, but is probably due to his father, Freddie, working as a teacher there. Freddie, teaches the rhythm game class, but Ted soon learns what his forte is. He has the blood of a drifter and joins D.K. (Drift King) and his racing team.

Ted’s best friend is BrianD, and his love interest is Ki Swan.


Ki Swan:

Ki is the daughter of a video game designer whom has settled down. She is a jack of all trades, showing skill in mostly strategy and 2D fighter games (i.e. Street Fighter). What Ki really shines at is her strategy skills, being able to solve most problems.

Ki Swan is best friends with BrianD and her love interest is Ted Wong.


Jenny Matrix a.k.a. JennyX:

Jenny joined VGHS due to prior skill at Field of Fire. She is a sophomore, to VGHS, but that doesn’t seem to matter. She is one of the top players in the rankings.

Her love interest is the Law, and also BrianD.


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