Chapter Two: Power Overwhelming*

Time: 1:03 am

    As the group dissipates, each of them will meet fate, and fate will grant them power, but will this power overwhelm them?

PoV: Xanthus


          “I see the ceiling start to crumple, then… darkness”

                 I push through the foliage of the forest. As I reach the edge of the forest, I see a globular vial releasing a small beacon of light in the dense forest. As I approach it, I see scratches under it depicting the roman number for 21 depicted as “XXI”. My fingers quiver as I reach out to the vial, feeling a warmth as my hand touches the surface of the vial. Upon contact, the vial shatters spraying pieces of broken glass everywhere. From squinted eyes, I can see fire, like a tear falling into my open palm. It lands onto my palm, it pools and drips down my arm. Suddenly, it starts to melt into my skin, sharp needles of pain jump into my conscious forcing me onto my knees, grasping onto my arm as steam rises from my body. I crumple onto the ground last sight I see is a small ember blazing next to me.


PoV: Omega

      I stumble upon a large gaping hole in the ground. The opening is jagged, and pale yellow light is beaming out from it. I peer down I can see the bottom of it. Not paying attention of the cracks in the surrounding rocks and gravel, I slip and pummel down, scraping the edges of the hole. I hit the liquid hard, and soon float to its surface breathing heavily as I look up at the sky from the bottom of this crater. I scoop up the liquid curiously and watch as it beads along the surface of my skin. I paddle over to the nearby cliff face and pull myself out of the liquid, and start climbing up and out of the hole. As I climb, my hands and feet start to turn a dirt brown. Speeding up, I pull myself out of the hole and get back onto my feet, my legs suddenly start to feel heavy. As I look down I can see them start to pile on the surrounding rocks, clumping around my body like a suit of armor. Soon, I am completely covered in stones and I am unable to move. As material starts to collect around my face, I see a monolith laying nearby.

PoV; Cadmus


      Clearing the edge of the forest, I come across a desert, with mini sandstorms sweeping across the hills. As I watch the sand floating through the air like steam, I see a shattered statue, thats larger than my own house. As I step forward to investigate, my right foot sinks into the sand. Desperately trying to pull back my leg my other foot slips and I start to be sucked down into the earth. Struggling, I take a gulp of air before being yanked under the surface. After a few seconds of struggling, I am deposited into an underground chasm. As I free fall I collapse on a mound of sand and roll over, avoiding the incoming deposits of sand and stone. Standing, I make sure I am on a solid clump of sand I venture around the chasm looking for someway to get out. I see a carved stone doorway and silently walk down it, reaching a hall with green fire burning. As I walk down to get a closer look, I hear the ceiling shuddering. Quickly I run down the hall and touch the fire. As it burns the surface of my skin, I see the ceiling start to crumple, then… darkness.

PoV: Serena


     I crash through shrubs as I run back towards where, I think, I came from. A huge shadow follows me, squeaking and snapping as it chases after me. I sneak a glance and see a giant spider, ones that adults would tell stories about. I continue to press my lead, as I run forward I see a shimmer of light. As I close in, I recognize the hilt of some kind of weapon. Pressing forward, I grab the weapon as I pass it, the spider hissing at the open moon light. Pulling it from the earth, a giant steel end springs from the ground,”A war hammer…,” I say testing the weight of the weapon. As I raise the weapon in defense against the giant arachnid, something shifts from the bushes near us. Both of us pause, in surprise as I see Osiris pull himself from it and lie on his back panting hard. Before I can heed any warning, the spider critters over and lifts him up ready to inject its venom into him.


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