7 Songs: For the Long Journey

These 5 songs will accommodate you on any long story.


1. Back in Black

In life, returning home could be one of the things you may miss the most and you should be grateful for it. As cliche as this sounds, some people don’t always get to return home, so everyone should really be grateful that they have this opportunity.

Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

Freddie Mercury, wrote this song during rough times in his life. He did things that he certainly regretted, but had no way to make up for it. I, for one, relate to this song, for my history is dark and I wish not to delve into it again.

The Game-Dragonforce

3. The Game

This Dragonforce single is for anyone who is having that really bad moment in life. Either if it’s a death in your family, or you just had a fight with someone you love, and its the morning after. The music video, will show how even though you may have had a fight with someone you care about, you will still leave it in the pass.

Slow In Reverse- The Keep

4. Slow In Reverse

This indie song, was made by The Keep, a bunch of Youtubers who wanted to be in a band. This song tells the story of a man going down a winding path, and looking for a way out of this. It’s one thing to be going backwards (reverse), but backwards slowly, losing things you tried hard to work out.

Private Eyes- Hall & Oates

5. Private Eyes

This hit song by Hall & Oates, is perfect for when you are away from a loved one, and you miss them dearly. This will show them how much you miss them. (Warning, this song can rub off in a wrong way…)

6. Wagon Wheel

A country song, by Darius Rucker, writes a story about returning to someone you care about. This song focuses on someone who is on the road home (like the taxi ride home). This songs really speaks to my theme of returning home from a long journey.

large (1)

7. Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I saved this song last for a purpose. This is the melancholy part of today’s post. All these songs have to do with returning to a place. Not all places you go to, you want to return to. Sometimes when you return to a certain place, you start to see all the things you no longer have. This song speaks to me, when I am feeling lonely, as surprising as that is, and it really makes me think of where I am going. No matter what path we take on our journeys, we will always return home.


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