Chapter 1: Afraid of the Dark?


A Forest in Medieval Europe, 11:54 pm

       Cawing echoes throughout the of trees dark of the forest. Our group of trouble some teenagers, continues to wander through the thick, dark shrubbery of the forest. Osiris, Cadmus, Xanthus, Omega, and Serena continue to trudge forward, following the dim glow of a light. “Guys, I’m tired, maybe we should stop.” Cadmus says, in the back of the pack. “Alright, we should stop and camp out here.” Omega says, stopping. “I’ll gather some fire wood,” Osiris states, he walks away, stooping over to pick up and stray twigs and branches laying on the ground. As he fades from view, Serena kneels and produces a flint and steel from her leather belt. Xanthus kneels, persuading Serena to show him how to use this. All seems normal… for now.

PoV: Osiris

     As I move farther and farther away from the camp, I forget where my companions have set up camp. “Hmmmm, were we south or north of here…,” I say to myself. I look up and see the dark purple glow of a light. As I approach the light, I see its a vial which is tied around the trunk of a tree. Gingerly, I reach up at touch the mixture. The glass shatters, exploding in different directions. The liquid falls, splashing down and hitting me in the left eye. The liquid burns on first contact with my skin. Blindly, I stumble back and trip on a gnarled root. Pain shooting into my left eye, my vision changed colors, seeing different shades of dark red. As I lay sprawled on the ground, I can hear foot steps echo into my skull. I twist my head to the right, and through my blurry vision I see a stranger, green gas spewing from where his head should be. My vision blurs, and darkness surrounds me.

Back at camp…

   “He should be back by now… whats going on?” Cadmus says staying near the ferocious licks of flame. “I thought he was just getting firewood,” says Serena worryingly. “Don’t worry,” Xanthus jokes,”It’s Osiris, that fool will never die, even if he was shot with a poison arrow.” This remark is met with shallow snorts of laughter. “Honestly, we should spread out and look for him, he does tend to wander off…,” Omega points out. “Okay, lets split up then,” Serena decides. Each of them walks into the forest going different directions, little do they know of the magicks that are in work.


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