What Have I Done?

Are you afraid of the dark…?


       Everyone in their life time will have a moment when they don’t know if what they did was worth it. I have had these moments many times in life (not hoping for some anytime soon). Sometimes I don’t want to be here anymore. Sometimes I feel like a puppet on strings, I didn’t mean to do all these things. When adults/teachers say that physical activity helps you when you’re stressed, they’re right. If you’re stressed go outside and relax, its fantastic. The alternative is listening to non-depressing music. Unlike Frozen, you can’t simply let yourself go though, as much as you think you can. A good thing you can do is to do what I listed. But other times you’d probably lie on the floor, I have. The best advice I can give, is to be the person you aren’t. This way you can meet new people, and do things you wouldn’t normally do, like rappelling you have no idea what it is, but if you said yes then good for you (rappelling is like after you’re done rock climbing, and you like jump down the cliff surface).

One thing that I would like to say to people I know is:
A) I’m sorry, so…sorry, I can’t take it anymore
B) Told you so
C) Don’t wake up Wolffy
D) It’s not your fault
E) There must be something wrong… with me
F) Bye, Allons-y

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