The Night Comes to Life

Setting: 10:36 pm. in Medieval Europe

           The wind howls through the night as a creaky, inn sign, sways back and forth. All inhabitants of this little village are asleep in their beds. This is a secluded village, where not many people know of. It is friendly enough, there’s enough food for winter and there is enough firewood to last a long time before anyone needs to go collect anymore. There is also a mine nearby, which is worked by most of the inhabitants. The Blacksmith pays generously for the amount of metals/stone that is retrieved and brought back to him. Children younger than thirteen does not usually go to work, but there are some who needs to, to support their family. Among these children, there are a few teenagers that are about sixteen, and whom have their own small gang. This group calls themselves SHAME (Secret, Hallowed, Alert, Meek, in Exile). This group consists of five members: Osiris, Cadmus, Xanthus, and Omega. They are joined by the daughter of the blacksmith, Serena.This group of teenagers will take upon a story that will take them through time and space, and secrets will be shared, friendships will be pushed to the limit, and the darkness will rise up and again, embrace the world.

        “Oi, sleepy head get up,” a voice breaks the nighttime silence. “What are you doing here?” Osiris replies yawning, showing all of his aligned teeth. “There’s something strange happening in the forest, hurry up! Everyone else is waiting for you.” “Okay, Xanthus I’ll be there in a minute.” Osiris slips out of his bed, creeping silently, to not awake his parents in the next room. Silently, he puts on his clothing and goes to jump out the window. He turns back around, and grabs his black cloak, one of his favorite presents from his deceased uncle. Once outside, he dashes to the edge of the village where the dense shrubbery limit vision, further. At the edge of the ring, Cadmus, Serena, Xanthus, and Omega are waiting. “Hello, whats going on?” Osiris asks, approaching the group. “There’s a purple shimmering light coming from inside the forest, lets go look at it,” Omega says as he starts to walk into the forest.


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